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BiH Prosecutor’s Office proposes detention for Croatian citizen over smuggling of Turkish citizens


SARAJEVO, August 5 (FENA) - As part of the activities of the BiH Border Police, and in coordination with the duty prosecutor of the Prosecutor's Office of BiH, at the international border crossing - Šamac, during a regular control, a citizen of the Republic of Croatia was discovered and deprived of his liberty, in an attempt to illegally transfer 30 citizens of the Republic of Turkey, who did not meet the legal requirements for entering Croatia.

The suspect Željko Kukec (1961), a citizen of the Republic of Croatia, was brought before the acting prosecutor, who, after questioning, submitted a proposal to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina to order a detention measure due to the risk of the suspect's escape, and the risk that by being at large, he could obstruct the investigation, conceal evidence, and influence the witnesses or accomplices.

The aforementioned suspect is under investigation due to the well-founded suspicion that he committed the criminal offense of smuggling in human beings, in connection with the criminal offense of attempt from the Criminal Code of BiH.

The Prosecutor's Office of BiH, together with partner institutions and agencies, implements activities related to the prosecution of criminal offenses of smuggling almost every day, in cities and areas throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Prosecutor's Office of BiH announced.

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