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The 29th anniversary of suffering and persecution of Bosniaks marked in Stolac

Tekst: Monika Ćubela Savić, FOTO FENA /

STOLAC, August 4 (FENA) - The 29th anniversary of the suffering and persecution of the Bosniaks of Stolac and the memory of the victims of the "Bone Hospital" was marked today by laying of flowers on the plateau in front of the "Bone Hospital" in Stolac, organized by the Association of Camp Prisoners of Stolac.

President of the Association of Camp Prisoners of Stolac and juvenile camp inmate Amer Đulić said that every year on this day, when, as he states, "the ethnic cleansing of the Bosniaks in Stolac was completed", they organize an event dedicated to the victims of the "Bone Hospital", but also to the memory of the persecution of the Bosniaks in Stolac that period.

“We are satisfied with the verdict of the International Court in The Hague of 111 years, but we are not satisfied with the verdicts in the cantonal and state courts, where mostly people who committed crimes in this place, but also in the camps 'Dretelj', 'Gabela' and the like are tried,” said Đilić.

He added that he will continue to fight for justice and the truth that happened here 29 years ago.

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