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Our party calls on the Peace Implementation Council to exclude Russia from membership


SARAJEVO, April 13 (FENA) - Russia cannot simultaneously work for the collapse of peace and be a member of the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council (PIC), stated today Our Party, calling on the PIC to exclude Russia from membership.

"There is no greater reason for that move than today's letter from Ambassador Kalabukhov to the PIC Steering Board. In that letter, for the second time, he directly threatened the destabilization of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Given the fact that there is a general consensus in Bosnia and Herzegovina on its competencies and international path, which is only opposed by Russia, Russia and its representatives in BiH, above all Ambassador Kalabukhov, might be the only cause of that destabilization.

As someone who works to destroy peace, Russia cannot be a member of the body in charge of its implementation, which undermines the credibility of the PIC Steering Board itself. Also, given the aggression against Ukraine and that Russia is excluded from all relevant international bodies when it comes to human rights and peace, especially now, the PIC Steering Board can not afford the luxury of having Russia in its membership," said Our party.

According to this political party, the letter from the Russian embassy shows not only disrespect for BiH as a sovereign country, but also for the PIC Steering Board itself. Namely, Kalabukhov refuses to call Christian Schmidt High Representative, but, like Milorad Dodik, calls him a "German citizen", thus belittling his role.

It is not diplomacy, it is a demonstration of arrogance that can escalate into violence. If Russia wants to be a destabilizing factor, then it cannot be a part of the body that should be the guarantor of stability. Protecting its credibility, the PIC Steering Board thus protects BiH, Our Party pointed out. 

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