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Ambassador Hartmann supports activities of civil society organizations


SARAJEVO, December 21 (FENA) - Ambassador of the Republic of Austria to BiH Ulrike Hartmann spoke with members of the delegation of civil society organizations, the Council of the Congress of Bosniak Intellectuals, the Croat National Council of BiH, the Serb Civic Council - Equality Movement and Forum of BiH Parliamentarians 1990, who presented the Principles for Amending the BiH Constitution and informed her about a broad campaign to popularize these principles.

They pointed out that so far, through the web application, 60,000 citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina have expressed their support for the Principles.

It was jointly assessed that the engagement of the widest circle of citizens, non-governmental organizations and the academic community is extremely important in the efforts to achieve the optimal balance between the principles of civil democracy and ethnic equality in the necessary constitutional changes.

“The goal of this initiative is to show domestic political actors, but also representatives of the international community that there is great democratic potential in our country, which could not be expressed in the conditions of the Dayton constitutional solutions. The participants in the meeting agree that this initiative is especially important in the upcoming election year, when the new composition of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH will have the opportunity to initiate the necessary changes to the Constitution of BiH. The Ambassador supported the initiative of civil society organizations, as a democratic response to the complex problems that our country is facing,” it is stated in the press release of the mentioned civil society organizations. 

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