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Young people use psychoactive substances more often,number of suicides increased


MOSTAR, November 19 (FENA) - FBiH Ministry of Education and Science and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) organized a round table today in Mostar to discuss "Comprehensive Education on Youth Health in the Federation of BiH" .

The previous experiences in conducting education on healthy lifestyles and youth health in primary schools in Sarajevo and Bosnia-Podrinje Canton were presented at the meeting, and the ways of including this topic in the teaching and educational process in other cantons in the Federation of BiH were discussed.

According to FBiH Assistant Minister of Education Nadija Bandić, they decided to update this topic together in cooperation with the governmental and non-governmental sector.

“We have analyzed the latest research on youth health in BiH and it has shown, unfortunately, that in our society there are different types of 'social pathologies', that young people at the most vulnerable age, such as adolescence, reach for psychoactive substances, they are often very aggressive, violent, and the number of suicides is increasing. Also, young people are often inactive, eat unhealthily and we have decided, therefore, to give a strong answer to all these problems in the Federation of BiH,” said Bandić.

She explained how they decided to form a working group at the FBiH level that will consider these two modalities that are already being implemented in Sarajevo and Bosnia-Podrinje Canton, and to integrate this topic into other cantons in FBiH.

“Research has shown that the mere transfer of knowledge and information is not a sufficient generator to change the problematic conditions of young people, but young people need to be strengthened, their skills need to be strengthened so that they can face all the challenges that await them in everyday life,” said Bandić.

Acting Head of the UNFPA Office in BiH Željko Blagojević emphasized that the development of each country requires the strengthening of its human capital, and that in this case the most important thing is to work with young people and include them in society.

“In order to strengthen human capital, it is necessary to strengthen educational and health systems, and we have gathered here to work on strengthening the system, to improve the health of young people through the educational system,” said Blagojević.

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