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AJB DOC - Best Film of the Audience Award 'The El-Masri Case'


SARAJEVO, September 16 (FENA) - On the last day of the fourth edition of the Al Jazeera Balkans Documentary Film Festival (AJB DOC), held from September 10 to 14 in Sarajevo and online, awards were presented, but the Audience Award was followed by a subsequent vote count because all screened films enter the award selection.

The highest number of votes and a score of 4.9 went to the film The El-Masri Case by German author Stefan Eberlein, which tells the story of a German citizen Khaled el-Masri, an immigrant to Germany, whose life will turn into a real nightmare after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. El-Masri disappeared in 2004 after traveling by bus to Macedonia, and it later turned out that he was kidnapped by the CIA and taken to a secret prison near Kabul in Afghanistan. Five months later, he was released in a forest in Albania. El-Masri was an innocent man.

His case was the main reason for exposing the "extraordinary rendition" program that the CIA was conducting around the world. Its agents forcibly took terrorism suspects to secret locations and tortured them to extort confessions and obtain information.

With the support of human rights lawyers in Europe and the United States, El-Masri tried for years after the abduction to regain his moral and legal integrity and obtain an official apology, but so far he has not received it.

- The award ceremony completed all activities related to this year's edition of AJB DOC - said the organizer.

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