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Jovanović: Srebrenica is a symbol of terrible sin of my people

Text: Alma Zukanović, FENA Photo/Hazim Aljović

POTOČARI, July 11 (FENA) - President of the Serbian Liberal Democratic Party and adviser to the member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Čedomir Jovanović pointed out that 26 years have passed since the genocide and that it is too much time for anyone who is reasonable.

“There is no more reason to talk about Srebrenica once a year. These resolutions no longer make sense, just as such reactions, often to the subsequent minds of those who are full of our everyday life, will not save anyone from responsibility,” he said, commenting on Serbia's attitude towards the Genocide Resolution adopted by the Montenegrin Parliament.

Jovanović stated that what Jasenovac represents for some, for others it is Srebrenica.

“Srebrenica is a symbol of the terrible sin of my people and the authorities that led that country at that time,” he pointed out.

Those evils that the past is full of, he believes, will be repeated if it continues like this.

“We will find our peace when we take responsibility for what we did or what we did not do, and we were obliged to,” concluded Jovanović.