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Electronic system prevents the manipulation of waiting lists in Zenica hospital

Text: Vehid Begunić, FENA Photo/Vehid Begunić

ZENICA, June 14 (FENA) - Representatives of Transparency International Bosnia and Herzegovina (TI BiH) and the Centers for Civil Initiatives (CCI) organized a street action today in Zenica within the Project for Prevention and Fight against Corruption in Healthcare, which is being implemented in the Cantonal Hospital Zenica (KBZ) as a pilot project.
Activists handed out leaflets to the citizens and informed them about the new system that enables electronic scheduling of examinations and operations in KBZ, which was fully implemented in September last year.
“Reactions of the patients are mostly positive and patient information has been improved throughout this system. Information has been improved through the public announcement of waiting lists for examinations and operations, what is usually the most difficult and where patients need to wait for more than a month. On the other hand, the possibilities for corruption have been reduced through the automatic formation of waiting lists and through public insight into the waiting lists themselves,” said the CCI project coordinator Slaven Divčić.
The new system, he said, has reduced congestion at the KBZ and the number of mandatory arrivals, which is especially important "in the context of the coronavirus epidemic." Patients can check the waiting list on the KBZ website or receive all the necessary information about their appointment for examination or surgery via SMS.
In the coming period, he announced, they will promote the need to implement the system in all health care institutions where there is a possibility of crowds in providing services to patients.
Through the unique code, which the patient receives via SMS, the patient can "follow that no one can abuse his/her term and no one before him/her can get the term". Only, he notes, emergency patients are admitted earlier.

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