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Peace campaigns of young people in eight BiH communities

Tekst: Anisa MahmutovićFOTO FENA

KALESIJA June 13 (FENA) - The Association "Forgotten Children of War" in cooperation with the Embassy of the United States of America in Bosnia and Herzegovina is implementing the project "Living Monuments".

Forty young people realized peace activities in eight Bosnia and Herzegovina's communities - Kalesija, Gradačac, Srebrenik, Gornji and Donji Vakuf, Bratunac, Zenica and Stolac.

The goal of peace campaigns is to provide opportunities for young people to tell stories through their local communities, beautify, refresh and improve the environment in which they live. This is a way to hear the voices of young people, who will send messages of peace and initiate changes in society through their actions.

Participants of the Living Monuments camp, together with members of the "Trik" Youth Association, painted benches, trash cans and planted flowers. The benches and buckets are symbolically painted in the colors of the traditional Bosnian carpet, which calls on the participants for peace, solidarity and equality.

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