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Čović: Reforms have to be made if we do not want to talk about dissolution

Text: Darinka Mitrović, FENA Photo/Harun Muminović

KISELJAK, April 16 (FENA) - President of the Croat Democratic Union of BiH (HDZ BiH), Dragan Čović, said today in Kiseljak that reforms should be made in Bosnia and Herzegovina and ensure that the Constitution is respected if we do not want to talk about dissolution. 
Čović commented on unofficial "non-paper" diplomatic documents that are being talked about in public these days.
“It is clear that someone wrote something somewhere, but is it exactly as it is presented to the public… You see that you have a denial, so why speculate about something that no one has seen, and the name of the document is such to speculate about it. This one from Croatia, that came yesterday through the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, is very clear and is supported by several other members of the European Union. It received full support yesterday, and the content was also agreed with the US administration,” said Čović, answering questions from journalists.
Čović emphasized that the messages are similar, pointing to reforms in order not to talk about the split in BiH, and that it should be ensured that the Constitution is respected.
“Because if we respect the Constitution, then everything is fine, by my standards, and if something needs to be changed in the Constitution, then according to the constitutional procedures we need to agree on how to change it,” Čović added.
He reiterated that he believes, as before, that there is little chance that something will change in the Constitution, except for possible minor corrections, and that it is necessary to reach an agreement on how to ensure the legitimate representation of the three constituent peoples in BiH.

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