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Jašarspahić: The crisis shows how important is to have a stable domestic economy

Text: Darinka Mitrović, FENA/Photo Archive

SARAJEVO, April 17 (FENA) - The Federation of BiH Chamber of Commerce (PKFBiH) has relaunched its "Lets Buy Domestic Products" campaign and urged citizens to support BiH economy, which, despite difficult conditions due to the emergence of coronavirus, has directed all its capacities to supply BiH citizens with all the necessary goods.

PKFBiH President Mirsad Jašarspahić says the current crisis and the state of natural or other disaster are the best indicators of the importance of having a stable and strong domestic economy, especially in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

"Apart from directing all production capacities of BiH companies into the timely supply of BiH citizens, it is important to mention in these times of crisis the allocation of funds to BiH companies for medical equipment, as well as shifting production to medical equipment and disinfectants, which are currently urgently needed in BiH," said Jašarspahić.

He noted that the purchase of local products is a direct investment in the future, and with the development of the local economy, the health and education system have great benefits, which is a prerequisite for better quality, and thus the quality of the entire society.