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Kajmaković: Sarajevo Airport ready to function as an 'air corridor'

Text: Vanja Tolj, FENA Photo/Harun Muminović

SARAJEVO, March 28 (FENA) - The Sarajevo International Airport has put all its capacities into fighting the coronavirus pandemic, stated Director of the Sarajevo International Airport Armin Kajmaković at tonight's press conference of the FBiH representatives. 

He confirmed that a shipment of Covid-19 tests arrived yesterday and was processed in short term, and stressed that the Sarajevo Airport will continue to function as an "air corridor" through which medicines and all the necessary assistance will arrive in BiH.

"All these activities were accompanied by services operating within the airport, such as the Border Police, the FBiH Sanitary Inspection, the Customs, the Civil Protection Service and others," said Kajmaković.