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FBiH President Čavara urges officials for responsible behavior

Press release

SARAJEVO, March 24 (FENA) – President of the Federation of BiH Marinko Čavara urges leaders of both houses of the Federation of BiH Parliament to secure a session of both Houses as needed, following instructions to prevent the spread of coronaviruses.

“I urge the Government of the Federation of BiH, in the constitutional role of the chief executive, to exercise its powers and that in this situation there is no constitutional possibility or any other reason to assume the role of legislator.

I also call on the Government of the Federation of BiH to devote its utmost attention to protect the health of every resident of the Federation of BiH,” said Čavara.

He also calls on all officials in charge to exercise maximum responsible behavior to focus all forces on the fight for health and life of each resident, not to open new crises, in violation of laws and the Constitution, announced the FBiH President’s Office.

The FBiH President warns and urges residents to follow crisis staff measures and instructions from health care professionals and institutions.