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Zenica: The 26th ZEPS Trade Fair canceled

FENA Vehid Begunić

ZENICA, September 16 (FENA) - The 26th "ZEPS 2019" Trade Fair and the 16th International Fair of Metal Industry "ZEPS Intermetal" will not be held, ZEPS Director Snežanka Jonjić told FENA.

The new director points out that there is not much she can say at the moment about canceling of the popular Zenica trade fairs. The fairs were scheduled to take place October 1-5.

“The reason is that we failed to attract enough exhibitors, and when we started preparing this year's fairs we agreed not go below a certain number of exhibitors. Now I would not explain why the exhibitors did not respond. There are many reasons,” said director Jonjić, adding that the reasons are technical as well.

Answering questions whether such decision also means closing Zenica fairs, or whether they will try to continue the tradition next year, Jonjić stressed that they will try to organize fairs next year, but also that it is too early to talk about it.

This year's fairs were originally supposed to be organized in the Husejin Smajlović City Arena, but then they decided to continue holding fairs at the Kamberović field and finally it was decided to cancel ZEPS 2019.

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