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BiH Ombudsman call for respect of rights of LGBT persons ahead of Pride March

Press release , Photo/Sarajevo Open Center

SARAJEVO, September 6 (FENA) - On the occasion of the first Pride March in Sarajevo and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which will be held on 8 September 2019, the BiH Ombudspersons Nives Jukić, Ljubinko Mitrović, and Jasminka Džumhur have called for tolerance and respect for the rights of members of the LGBT population to a safe public gathering in Sarajevo.

Government institutions have a proactive obligation to promote the rights of members of this population and to protect them from hate speech, insults, violence and any form of discrimination.

The Ombudspersons indicate that measures and activities towards raising public awareness of the need to respect the rights of LGBT persons need to be continuously implemented, and recall the obligation of the authorities to work continuously to protect the rights of minority groups.

In the Special Report on the Rights of LGBT Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Ombudspersons analyzed the current state and degree of exercise of the rights of LGBT persons and indicated to the competent authorities what measures should be taken to improve the position of this population in our society.

The Ombudsman Institution on this occasion also states that all human rights, including freedom of speech and expression, freedom of assembly, rights to privacy and family life, should be equally accessible to all, including the LGBT population, without any form of discrimination.

The way in which a society treats LGBT persons reflects on the way society treats everything that is different and any form of diversity and it is precisely the differences that reflect the richness and progressiveness of a society, stated the BiH Ombudsman Institution.