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EXIT Festival a 'Champion of Regional Cooperation' in 2017


SARAJEVO, March 15 (FENA) - Secretary General of the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Goran Svilanović presented founder of EXIT Festival Dragan Kovačević an award "Champion of Regional Cooperation" for 2017, stressing that EXIT festival is one of the "good brands" that promote regional cooperation, considering it has been successfully held in a few different states in the region, including BiH.

RCC marked 10 years since it was founded in Sofia in 2008 at a reception in Sarajevo held last night, which gathered partners, associates and friends of this organization.

Svilanović also reminded that last-year's champion of regional cooperation was Sarajevo Film Festival, which is also one of the brands that positively promotes the region.

Secretary General of RCC thanked all those who have been supporting RCC for ten years and who have worked with this organization.  

Founder of EXIT Festival Dragan Kovačević said it is his great pleasure and honor to receive this recognition on the anniversary of RCC.

He noted that a little over a year ago EXIT launched an initiative named "Silent Balkan Majority", adding it was launched due to a heated nationalist rhetoric in the region.

"We wanted to motivate important public figures in the region, artists, actors and musicians to raise a voice against nationalist rhetoric and say 'enough', because majority of people in this area want a peaceful and normal life," emphasized Kovačević.

Champion of Regional Cooperation is an annual award presented to an individual or an institution for their contribution to development of cooperation in South East Europe.

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