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Čerkez: Numerous arrivals in BiH expected, possibility of 'importing' the virus

Text: Alma Zukanović, FENA Photo/Almir Razić

SARAJEVO, May 22 (FENA) - In the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, 632 people have been tested over the past 24 hours, two people are positive for coronavirus (Covid-19) and these cases are registered in the Zenica-Doboj Canton.

Member of the Crisis Staff of the FBiH Ministry of Health and Assistant Minister for Public Health Goran Čerkez said today that the situation in FBiH is under control and that the epidemiological situation is stable.

He pointed out that so far a total of 33.273 people have been tested in the FBiH, of which 1.013 were positive, and that there are currently 95 active positive cases of coronavirus in the FBiH.

According to the presented data, 881 patients have recovered in FBiH so far. He added that 17 patients are hospitalized, none of the patients are on a ventilator.

Čerkez pointed out that the Crisis Staff of the FBiH Ministry of Health did not propose a measure to abolish self-isolation, because they thought that we should wait until the end of May.

"A large number of citizens are expected to arrive in BiH during the holidays. We will not be able to control the situation and there is a possibility of 'importing' the infection," he said.

He expressed understanding for citizens who want to visit relatives in BiH, but said that protection measures must be respected.

"It is up to everyone to behave responsibly in the coming days," Čerkez pointed out.