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Bevanda regrets there was no quorum for today's session of BiH Fiscal Council

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SARAJEVO, April 10 (FENA) - Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH and Minister of Finance and Treasury Vjekoslav Bevanda expressed regret that there was no quorum today to hold a session of the Fiscal Council of BiH due to the absence of the Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH, Fadil Novalić.

Bevanda made a statement in this regard, saying that "everything indicates that the Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Fadil Novalić, has previously prepared a scenario for the failure of today's session of the Fiscal Council of BiH and that he has found those to blame in advance."

"His statement that the arrangement with the IMF has failed because of the HDZ BiH is not only untrue and an act of politicking the issue, and also dangerous. Going to the media and saying this at a time when the crisis staff is addressing the public and telling the public that they will lose 330 million euros because of the HDZ is just a hoax and raising panic and tension at a time when people are fighting for their lives," says Bevanda.

He added that "Novalić provided some information only known to him that the HDZ asked for 17 signatures to be included on the Letter of Intent with the IMF, including members of the Fiscal Council and representatives of 10 cantons."

Minister Bevanda noted that "no one asked the cantonal representatives to sign this letter because it is neither possible nor it is in accordance with the procedures, nor does it occur to us to complicate matters by extra-institutional action."

"It is well known that the Fiscal Council of BiH decides on arrangements with the IMF, and it will be so in this case. We had a situation where the Fiscal Council gave its opinion on the Letter of Intent when the arrangement was about 165 million euros, now it is 330 million, and some parts of the document have been corrected.

He adds that "Fadil Novalić, the Prime Minister of the Federation in the incumbent mandate, is the only one to be blamed for what happened today, whose vote was, unfortunately, was necessary for a quorum, decision-making and vote on an arrangement with the IMF that would provide emergency money to mitigate the consequences of coronavirus pandemic." 

"I urge Mr. Novalić to act within his competences and to understand that he is not deciding on the whole world, but in this long technical mandate, he is leading a government, in this case, a government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which consists of ten cantons and which have the constitutional right to use this money from the FBiH resources, and ultimately it is their human right to save themselves from viruses and natural disasters," said Bevanda.