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A doctor from Banja Luka among 17 new coronavirus cases in RS

Text: Dušica Stanojević

BANJA LUKA, April 9 (FENA) - The new Covid-19 virus has been confirmed in 17 more persons in RS, bringing the total number of those infected in that BiH entity to 365, while 81 have recovered, said this morning the Minister of Health and Social Care Alen Šeranić.

In the past 24 hours, a total of 416 samples were tested at the Institute of Public Health of RS and the University Clinical Center in Banja Luka, including health professionals and persons from quarantine. 

One doctor of the UCC in Banja Luka also tested positive for coronavirus.

" This is a colleague who was negative in the previous test, when it was repeated, he tested positive," explained Šeranić, adding that medical staff are being retested for preventive purposes.

Nine of those infected have been hospitalized, while the rest are under medical supervision.

He noted that four patients are currently on ventilators. 

Šeranić today also explained that there is a possibility of an autopsy of a person who died of causes related to coronavirus in that BiH entity.

"Autopsies are being done. I am in contact with the Director of the Forensic Medicine Institute of the RS, Željko Karan. That institute and the Institute of Public Health have drawn up a protocol on how autopsies are done," said Šeranić.

He explains that protective equipment is needed in this case, which is also used in the regular work of medical staff when it comes to coronavirus patients.

He assures the public that there is no fear of the virus spreading after the death of the infected person.

"The virus dies the moment a person dies because it needs a living cell to reproduce and itself and to live. However, the person doing the autopsy should enforce personal protective measures no matter what the cause of death," said the entity minister.

He says there were several people with an undetermined cause of death outside the hospitals and that is autopsies had been done.