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Novalić: FBiH Govt. is the only one in region to support all affected companies

Press release

SARAJEVO, April 8 (FENA) - FBiH Prime Minister Fadil Novalić said the Law on Mitigating the Negative Consequences of Pandemic or so-called an anti-Corona law was created based on best practices, analysis and capacity at the moment in the FBiH.

“FBIH Government will pay contributions for all companies that have a turnover drop of 20%. This means that we have not limited the measures to individual activities, but will support all affected firms and workers. We are the only government in the region, which has already committed itself to supporting all vulnerable businesses. In other countries this is restricted by sector. In Slovenia, farmers and self-employed can get help if they have a 20% fall in income in March and 50% in April and May,” said Novalić.

He said that when comparing the measures of the FBiH Government with those in Croatia, no one mentions the fact that Croatia, like North Macedonia, has assumed the obligation of a minimum wage and contributions for only three sectors: hospitality, accommodation and transport, and not for everyone. Regarding Serbia and Montenegro, the authorities have not yet adopted legislation, and comparisons are being made on the basis of media information, often speculation.

He also added that the Stabilization Fund is KM 500 million, and that the Guarantee Fund will cover the potential of around KM 400 million in placements to small and medium-sized enterprises.

“But this amount that goes to the economy should include all these funds that will remain to entrepreneurs, through benefits and tax relief. Simply put, the state will not take much, but it will even give more. In this situation, where all forces are behind the economy and workers, no one has the right to demand that pension and other funds be cut and that money be diverted to employers. This is neither socially correct nor sustainable in any other way,” concluded Prime Minister Novalić.