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Medical teams will operate at border crossings in Una-Sana Canton area

Text: Muhamed Sadiković, FENA Photo

BIHAĆ, April 8 (FENA) - The Civil Protection Staff and the Crisis Staff of the Una-Sana Cantonal Ministry of Health have organized and assigned medical teams to work at the Izačić and Maljevac border crossings, thus complying with an order from the FBiH Civil Protection Administration.

"We have been ordered to have a doctor and a medical technician at border crossings at all times. Given that we have two crossings that work 24 hours a day, we organized four medical teams each for Izačić and Maljevac. Teams from the health centers in Bihać and Sanski Most, as well as teams from the Gata Spa and the USC Institute of Public Health, will work at the Izačić border crossing. Teams from the health centers in Velika Kladuša, Cazin, Bosanska Krupa and Bužim are in charge of Maljevac. We will include others if the circumstances require it,” said the Cantonal Minister of Health Nermina Ćemalović.

She added that tonight, after midnight, or in the early hours of the morning, they are expecting an organized return of more than a hundred of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina who were working abroad.

"For this reason, we will send two medical teams at the Izačić border crossings tonight, and all persons will be examined in detail. People with specific symptoms will be referred to health centers for further medical examination, while those without symptoms will be ordered into self-isolation in their homes. This will be our approach at his point since the quarantine premises have not been put into use yet," said Ćemalović.

She also pointed out that two medical teams would be assigned to work at the temporary Lipa migrant reception center, which should soon be ready to receive migrants gathered from the streets and from abandoned buildings in Bihać.