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Patients from Visoko and Breza recover from Covid-19, eight cured in ZDC

Text: Vehid Begunić, FENA Photo/Vehid Begunić

ZENICA, April 8 (FENA) - The Zenica Cantonal Hospital today will discharge two patients who have been cured of Covid-19 in its inpatient stationary clinic, increasing the number of people cured to eight in the canton so far, told FENA the Head of the ZCH Infectious Diseases Department, Dr. Ednan Drljević.

"Today, we will discharge patients from Visoko and Breza, after which we will have seven patients in the isolation ward, and 12 in the main ward. A patient from Tešanj, who had been operated because of abdominal problems, was operated once again, and now he is on a ventilator. 

However, we no longer count him as a Covid-19 patient because his test result was negative," says Dr. Drljević.