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Dodik: Amendments to law on misdemeanour in RS during the state of emergency

Text: Dušica Stanojević, FENA Photo/Archive

BANJA LUKA, April 3 (FENA) - Bosnia and Herzegovina Presidency member Milorad Dodik said today that during the state of emergency, which came into force today in the BiH entity of the RS, decrees would be enacted that would regulate certain issues when it comes to contributions, labor relations and law on misdemeanour.

He announced amendments to the law regarding the punishment of those who do not follow the adopted measures.

“I insist on forming a special department of the prosecution and the court, with legislative decree, in order to react to violation of measures. So far, all this has been addressed in regular procedures and we have had problems here because neither the Government nor I can punish anyone, the court has to do it, and we have not encountered the right reaction of the courts and prosecutors. It is likely to go into the formation of one such department,” he explained.

Dodik says that certain regulations will also apply to agriculture.

Tax extension options will also be considered, but they will not be deducted.

Dodik criticized the Central Bank of BiH for not responding to coronavirus challenges in BiH, as it does not allow the use of foreign exchange reserves in the amount of 850 million KM above the amount of printed convertible marks, nor to reduce the banks' required reserve from 10 to five percent.

He also said that the RS is grateful for Serbia's assistance in the medical equipment needed at the time of coronavirus pandemic, as well as for citizens who adhere to the prescribed measures, which, he says, is already yielding some results, although this must continue.

“RS expects more assistance in medical equipment from Serbia. At the moment, 10.000 tests from China and 30 ventilators previously paid, two million masks and 50.000 protective suits are expected,” Dodik said, stating that RS is in the process of procuring another 200 ventilators. It has already received 10 from Serbia and expects assistance from the EU but will also procure other necessary items.

He urged RS employers not to lay off workers and stressed that it is necessary to preserve economic activity and that they will take certain measures in this regard.