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Košarac: Croatia's decision on a nuclear landfill in Trgovska gora is scandalous

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SARAJEVO, April 1 (FENA) - Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, Staša Košarac, requested that the competent institutions verify the accuracy of the latest information published in the media regarding the construction of a radioactive and nuclear waste landfill at Trgovska gora site in Croatia, in the immediate vicinity to the border with BiH.

Minister Košarac learned last night from the media that the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Croatia has given the location of the former military warehouse Čerkezovac in the municipality of Dvor to the Fund for financing the decommissioning and disposal of radioactive waste from the Krško nuclear power plant.

"This morning, I sent a letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BiH requesting that the official position of the Croatian authorities regarding these media allegations be asked through the diplomatic network. To get additional information, I have scheduled a meeting with the Ambassador of Croatia to BiH tomorrow, and I will ask the Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia to do the same," said Minister Kosarac.

He also held an urgent telephone meeting with the Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Johann Sattler, in which he reiterated that Croatia's intention to build a nuclear and radioactive waste landfill right at the border with BiH was completely unacceptable, which is a consistent position of all levels of government in BiH. 

"I believe that it is completely unnecessary to amplify the negative atmosphere in relations between BiH and Croatia, and I believe that the issue of construction of the disputed landfill should be resolved through diplomatic channels," said Košarac.

He announced that after receiving the official position of the competent Croatian authorities, he would also address the EU Delegation to BiH.

"Today, I received an assurance from the Head of the EU Delegation to BiH that he would actively participate and help us in resolving this issue," said Košarac.