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Pilav: 18 cases of coronavirus infection confirmed in Sarajevo Canton so far

Text: Vernera Jakupović, Photo/ Press Service of the SC

SARAJEVO, March 30 (FENA) – Eighteen cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in the Sarajevo Canton so far and there are nine clusters, Head of the Sarajevo Canton Crisis Staff, Aida Pilav, said today at a press conference.

In total 205 people have been tested for coronavirus in the Sarajevo Canton, among them are 18 BiH nationals, who came from Italy and are accommodated in Bjelave Student Center. All of them, according to Pilav, are negative for coronavirus, are in good health and will not go home at this time because the surveillance measure lasts 28 days.

Pilav confirmed that there are nine open clusters in the Sarajevo Canton and that the highest number of infections is connected to the cluster from Konjic. She explained that one of these clusters mentioned earlier was related to the mid-March session in Sarajevo, which, she said, was actually a thematic session of the FBiH Government on March 16.

Pilav claims that related persons are under medical watch, as well as the cluster related to the case of a deceased woman in Ilidža, whose family members have all been tested and no one is coronavirus positive except for her daughter.

“Epidemiological situation in the Sarajevo Canton is under control,” Pilav said.

She called on the citizens to adhere to the prescribed measures and, if necessary, contact health centers. At the time of the coronavirus epidemic, she added, the flu season is also current, but coronavirus infection has a somewhat more atypical clinical picture.