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301 persons tested at BiH border crossings on RS territory, all came negative

Text: Dušica Stanojević, FENA Photo/Dušica Stanojević

BANJA LUKA, March 30 (FENA) - The Republika Srpska Minister of Health and Social Care Alen Šeranić confirmed today that 301 people have been tested for coronavirus at the BiH border crossings in that entity and that all of them tested negative, which is why they will move to a new way of testing of those individuals, depending on their health status.

We will no longer, as he specified, do the testing in quarantines at the BiH border crossings in the territory of RS, but triage inspections will be carried out to determine whether they are ill or not and send them to their municipalities.

"After one month of continuous monitoring of the operation of quarantine facilities at the BiH border crossings, we have found that all persons were negative to coronavirus. From now on, all those who enter BiH, in the territory of RS, will be quarantined in the local communities after the triage. After 14 days of monitoring, they will be subjected to control tests," he said, noting that they are coming to BiH from countries that are the focus of the coronavirus infection.

At the border crossing quarantine in Bosanska Gradiška, there are currently 136 persons who entered Bosnia and Herzegovina, respectively, 19 persons who reside in RS are in quarantine in Šamac, in Bosanski Brod 68, of whom 36 with residence in RS. 

"As of yesterday, a quarantine facility at the Rača border crossing is also in operation, where there are 16 people who have crossed the BiH border with Serbia during that day," explained Šeranić.