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65 samples were tested at KCUS overnight and early this morning, 15 positive

Text: Fedzad Forto

SARAJEVO, March 30 (FENA) - At the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo (KCUS), 46 samples were tested overnight, 13 of which were COVID-19 coronavirus-positive. Another 19 samples were tested early this morning, two of which were positive, General Manager of KCUS, Sebija Izetbegović, confirmed today.

One sample sent from EUFOR for testing is positive, seven positive for COVID-19 are in Zenica. All seven had contact with the Tuzla patient who had previously been confirmed for coronavirus.

One person from Žepče whose sample was tested overnight, also contact with a previously infected person from Tuzla, is also positive. There are two positive samples from Zavidovići, who had contact with people from Germany.

Two samples from Bihać are also positive.

Of the 19 cases tested early this morning, two were coronavirus positive. These are cases from Travnik, one of which was in Germany and the other is his contact in BiH.