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Komšić: All party and other altercations should be set aside now

Text: Fedzad Forto, FENA Photo/Archive

SARAJEVO, March 29 (FENA) - According to people in the health care profession, we are currently at a turning point when it comes to spreading or suppressing coronavirus. Therefore, I believe that we should not relax, said BiH Presidency member Željko Komšić.

“We must adhere to the recommendations issued by the competent health institutions and crisis staffs so that the pandemic does not escalate. My impression is that we have acted as responsible society so far, and so we should continue, even more cautiously and disciplined. The less infected cases we have, the sooner we will be able to return to our regular activities,” Komšić told FENA.

He believes that institutions of the state responded appropriately and timely to the emergence of the pandemic.

What follows, he stressed, is a battle to save the economy in which the state must intervene as much as possible to save all healthy businesses, especially those in the private sector. He recalls that the DF Caucus proposed 16 measures and proposals to help the economy yesterday.

“These proposals are good, we are also open to any other proposals that will contribute to not suffering great damage in the economy,” said Komšić.

He emphasized that all party and other altercations should be set aside.

“Personally, I am only focused on how to help citizens and the state. I don't even want to be politicized. However, for those who have a negative attitude towards the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, this is again an opportunity to attack, and even at this time of pandemic they do not deviate from trying to discredit the state. There is a lot of subversive activity, especially in the daily political language, and even in some moves, but as long as it starts and ends in words and political propaganda language, there is no need for reactions, because they are not in the interest of citizens. One should be equipped with patience and faith in what we have, and the state we have, it is not ideal but it is ours,” BiH Presidency member Željko Komšić told FENA.