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Three people positive for coronavirus in Brčko

Press release , Photo/Brčko District Government

BRČKO, March 29 (FENA) - Mayor of Brčko District of BiH, Siniša Milić, said at a press conference on Sunday after a meeting of the Brčko District Crisis Staff for Protection and Rescue that one positive finding for coronavirus was confirmed on Saturday.

"As we have already said, this is a female person who is resident in Špionica, Srebrenik Municipality. Thanks to the Brčko District Police, 27 persons have been identified who have been in contact with the said person and have been issued isolation measures. The situation of this cluster is under control, most importantly. All these contacts are being epidemiologically processed " said Milić.

He explained that the Protection and Rescue Crisis Staff is working to identify as widely as possible persons suspected of being infected in some way or in contact with infected persons, the Office of the Mayor of Brčko announced.

He noted that the acquisition of coronavirus testing apparatus will be reviewed on Monday.

Milić urged all citizens not to leave their homes unnecessarily, to avoid social contacts as much as possible.

The Mayor once again sent a message to all employers that those who dismiss workers will not be able to get the assistance of the Government of Brčko District of BiH.

Head of the Health Department, Akif Pezerović, said that 42 people have been tested for coronavirus so far, 15 were pending, three were positive and 24 were negative. He announced the engagement of specialist infectologist from Tuzla who will be available to Brčko's health care center.