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Pilav: To date, 129 tested in Sarajevo Canton, 15 persons positive for Covid-19

Text: Senka Trgovčević, Photo: FENA/TVSA

SARAJEVO, March 28 (FENA) - Head of the Sarajevo Canton Crisis Staff, Aida Pilav today said at a joint press conference of the cantonal government and the Crisis Staff that a total of 129 coronavirus tests have been carried out so far, showing that 15 of our fellow citizens were positive to Covid-19.

"Twenty-two tests were done yesterday, of which five were positive. Unfortunately, of the 15 positive cases, we also have one fatal outcome that is directly connected to coronavirus infection," Pilav said.

Currently, there are 1,699 our fellow citizens in self-isolation, and there are 524 people who came out of self-isolation.

"As of today, we have six clusters of coronavirus active," said Pilav.

She warned the citizens that, when reporting to healthcare institutions, they make every effort to provide correct and accurate data in the epidemiological survey, since epidemiological connections are still being made.

"This is how we will open clusters and monitor the overall epidemiological situation," Pilav added.