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Joint statement by BiH Presidency members: We have got difficult days ahead

Press release , FENA Photo/Archive

SARAJEVO, March 25 (FENA) - Members of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina have issued a joint statement to BiH citizens stating that the coronavirus epidemic in BiH has not yet reached its peak and that they are facing difficult days and urged them to strictly comply with all prescribed orders, measures and recommendations.

We deliver the statement in its entirety below:

Dear citizens,

The number of persons infected with coronavirus in our country is increasing. Unfortunately, the virus also took away the first human lives. We express our sincere condolences to the families of the deceased.

The coronavirus epidemic in our country has not yet reached its peak. Difficult days are ahead of us.

The situation is extraordinary and requires decisive action to avoid the catastrophic consequences we are witnessing in some other countries.

All levels of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina have taken and are taking whatever steps are necessary to preserve the lives and health of the people. It is the priority of all priorities. Steps are being taken in parallel to mitigate the inevitable economic shock.

Governments at all levels, health professionals, police officers, soldiers, inspectors, people involved in civil protection and all others, are making enormous efforts to stop the spread of the coronavirus. We would like to congratulate on that.

However, all these efforts will not produce results if the orders, measures and recommendations are not fully respected and if everyone does not show his/her own responsibility. Both to himself/herself and to his/her family members and to other people.

That is why we invite everyone once again to strictly obey all the prescribed orders, measures and recommendations, as this is the only way to deal with the evil that has befallen us.

The absolute majority of you do, and for that, we, the members of the BiH Presidency, thank you.

However, there are still those who irresponsibly violate the prescribed measures. Such deserve the most rigorous sanctions. That is why we urge the competent institutions to do so without delay, in accordance with applicable laws.

Aware that each country is facing a pandemic problem, we, as the Presidency of BiH, and each of us individually, take whatever steps are necessary to provide assistance or purchase the necessary medical equipment to strengthen our health system. Other levels of government and institutions are also working on this.

Some countries have already helped, some are going to hlep, and we are talking with many friends, all based on the needs expressed by our medical institutions. Bosnia and Herzegovina has not stayed this time and will not remain without the help of our friends, and we will surely appreciate that.

We also support the efforts made by domestic companies in the production of protective and other medical equipment, food and disinfectants.

Dear citizens,

We invite you to trust the institutions, to follow their orders and instructions and to follow the prescribed measures.

Let's save lives and health. Let us show responsibility and solidarity, because this is a condition for us to overcome the challenge we are facing, it is said in a joint statement by the members of the BiH Presidency, PR Office of the BiH Presidency announced.