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Ramić: RS returnees can expect support from FBiH Government

Press release , Foto Fena/Harun Muminović

SARAJEVO, March 25 (FENA) - The FBiH Minister for Displaced Persons and Refugees Edin Ramić announced today that all returnees can expect support from the FBiH Government, regardless if they are living in the Republika Srpska entity.

Ramić said at a press conference today that the Sustainable Return Sector at the ministry had announced a public call for reimbursement of all costs to agricultural producers in the RS entity.

He added that he would initiate activities to procure material for autumn sowing and that he would continue implementing existing programs, including the procurement of agricultural machinery and capital investment.

Within agriculture, Minister Ramić recalled that they had made a significant step forward in the employment of returnees in the RS.

- Now all these jobs are in jeopardy, so we will announce a public call inviting all companies with three or more employees not to lay off workers and we will refund their contributions for three months to all returnee employees in the RS - said Ramić, adding that he would continue to implement new employment support programs.

Within the humanitarian sector, given that the elderly population is the most present in the RS, Ramić said that he would donate 2,000 food packages to older returnees in the coming period.