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HJPC Vice-president Jukić sends an open letter to embassies in BiH


SARAJEVO, June 11 (FENA) - Ružica Jukić, Vice-president of the High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council (HJPC) of BiH sent an open letter today to the embassies in the country - the United States, the United Kingdom, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Kingdom of Spain, the OHR and the OSCE Mission to BiH.

“After the response of the embassies, but also in the interest of the public and above all, my colleagues in the judiciary, I must again ask the embassies of the United States of America in BiH, the United Kingdom in BiH, the Federal Republic of Germany in BiH, the Kingdom of the Netherlands in BiH and the Kingdom of Spain in BiH, the OHR and the OSCE: Are the 'rubber and glass rooms' in certain embassies where the top judicial officials of BiH are being taken and where they get orders whom to appoint, against whom to open or close an investigations, whom to convict in proceedings, above the law, under the law or out of the law?” asked Jukić in her letter.

Furthermore, she said that the embassies owe the answers to the entire judiciary community and citizens of BiH "where they should represent their own countries and not interfere, dictate or, even worse, force the holders of judicial duties to work according to their wishes and goals, under such degrading methods."

In her letter, Jukić argues that "repeating the empty phrases that no one is above the law is not the answer to such a horrifying, undemocratic and unexampled practice, and that in this way, the embassies set themselves not only above, or more precisely, outside the law, but they are violating every elementary human right of individuals who are being taken to these glass and rubber rooms and are being stripped of their human dignity."

“For now, the only person that was above the law was the one who tried to bribe the President of the HJPC BiH and, who now, as in one of the best of Fellini films, is seeking justice before the Prosecutor's Office of BiH - Justice for successful bribery. I fighting against such practices that are outside the law,” Jukić said in an open letter / response addressed to the abovementioned embassies in BiH.