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Preda: Visits to Russia will not help anyone with regards to becoming EU member

FENA Photo/Almir Razić

SARAJEVO, January 11 (FENA) - Visits to Russia will not help anyone when it comes to becoming a member of the European Union, said today the European Parliament Rapporteur for Bosnia and Herzegovina Cristian Dan Preda in Sarajevo.

In the course of his visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina he met with the newly elected officials and the non-governmental sector to discuss the challenges and priorities in the process of integration into the European Union, and at today's meeting with journalists, he urged political parties in BiH to support individuals who primarily have the knowledge of the European integration process and readiness for dialogue with their European counterparts, and not for blockades of the process.

Cristian Dan Preda emphasizes that Bosnia and Herzegovina has enough of its experts for European integration and representatives of the non-governmental sector who can be put to good use in their capacities in the negotiation process.

Preda points out that Bosnia and Herzegovina will hopefully be granted candidate status this year, but also that it should have the people who are ready to talk with their European counterparts in Brussels and Strasbourg, that is, to have full capacity for the negotiation process.

According to what he has heard during his visit in contact with representatives of the domestic political and non-governmental sector, he is optimistic more than they are, as he said.

Cristian Dan Preda has repeatedly stressed to the press that the Stabilization and Association Parliamentary Committee has not yet been established, and Nikola Lovrinović, Chairman of the Joint Commission of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH for European Integration, who also addressed journalists at this point, said that he has explained why the body has not yet been established.

Lovrinović, on this occasion, noted that a "we like the image that Brussels presents, but we also have to respect the Dayton PA".

Tijana Cvjetičanin, a member of the European Integration Monitoring Initiative, said that the non-governmental sector has serious doubts that the desired changes would occur in Bosnia and Herzegovina having in mind the current situation.

Cristian Dan Preda, Nikola Lovrinović and Tijana Cvjetićanin addressed the journalists after a roundtable on the occasion of the visit of the European Rapporteur on the topic "The current state of the process of European integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina", held in cooperation with the European Integration Monitoring Initiative and the Delegation of the European Union to BiH.


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