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Čović: Solving the issue of legitimate representation would ease the relations

Text: Dejan Jazvić

SARAJEVO, March 14 (FENA) - I believe that at this point it is necessary to put our priorities straight. I deeply believe that an institutional solution to the issue of the election of legitimate representatives of Croats in all the institutions would significantly ease the relations among all ethnic communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. From that point on, everyone from their own perspective, could consider that a part of the process has been completed, and that the conditions have been created to fully devote ourselves to further building the economic and every other progress of our homeland, a European BiH, told FENA the Chairman of the BiH Presidency Dragan Čović before the expert meeting on "A Solution to the Croat Problem for a European BiH", which is being held in Neum ON Thursday and Friday, under his auspices.

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